Thursday, April 05, 2007

Critical Literacies Symposium

Work that has been undertaken on the UK Critical Literacies project will be shared at the UKLA International Conference in Swansea, 6th - 8th July, 2007. You can find further details of the conference here. There will be a symposium in which teachers and researchers from 4 of the projects will present their work.

Ernest Morrell will be a keynote speaker at the same conference. We look forward to learning about his work on critical literacies, some of which he shared here.

So - book your place now at what will be a very exciting conference!



Blogger critlit said...

I'm looking forward to the symposium in Swansea. My colleague Laura Lewis I and are engaged in a critical literacy project at our school in West Bromwich. We are exploring the portrayal of healthy lifestyles, and in particular school food, in the media with our year 8 classes. A key media text in the project is the television documentary Jamie's School Dinners. Hopefully we will be able to post some of the students' responses here shortly.

We are considering setting up a blog where students can respond to developments in the media's coverage of the topic. For example, this week it was reported that Nora Sands, Jamie's first 'convert', had quit over lack of government cash for school meals. Can anyone involved in the project advise us on how to set up a blog which will not be blocked by the school firewall? Thanks.

Liz Plumpton

5:01 AM  

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